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I'm Jane, the founder and CEO of Yoit. What does fashion mean to you? To me, it's more than just clothing—it's a medium for self-expression and a bridge to the world around us. Fashion has the power to bring out the best version of myself. Slipping into a new pair of shoes creates a new vitality in my steps, and the daring exploration of bold patterns during vacations brings a renewed vibrancy to my routine. Fashion opens doors to new opportunities, inspiring us to embrace life to the fullest. That's why it often becomes an aspiration for many.

I understand your passion for fashion. However, it's no secret that turning that passion into reality comes with its own set of challenges. When it comes to selecting clothes, countless subtle details that only you can truly understand are involved. And let's be honest, most existing shopping tools often miss the mark when it comes to understanding your unique preferences. This is where Yoit's journey begins, addressing this very challenge.

I've always been on a quest to find clothes that match my tastes, style, and body type but also embrace the latest trends. The challenge is that discovering ‘clothes that suit me' involves many factors and is quite subjective.

For example:
“I'd like something similar to her outfit, but a bit longer for everyday wear.”
“I'm drawn to the vibe of this brand, but at a more affordable price.”
“I absolutely love the silhouette of this dress, but I want it in a different color.”

Every time I shop, I wrestle with these kinds of questions swirling in my mind.

Being both a data scientist and a fashion enthusiast, I set out to solve this problem with technology. I wondered, “Could we solve these problems through data quantification of fashion?” That's when I began developing technology capable of quantifying the visual aspects of designs, the words used to describe them, and the abstract ideas that each individual might perceive differently. With this technology, I aimed to bring together all the existing clothing in the world and create a search tool optimized to find ‘my own thing' within the vast array.

And that's how Yoit was born. The search feature of Yoit comprehends your detailed and meticulous clothing descriptions. When words alone aren't sufficient, you have the option to search using images. If descriptions are limited or if an exact image isn't at hand, you can combine an image with additional details in words to pinpoint the exact item you're aiming for. It's a revolutionary and entirely innovative approach to product searches. With Yoit, discovering items with subtle differences, such as color, length, and sleeves, is effortless. You'll also easily find items that suit your style from various brands, all at a more affordable price. This means you won't have to rely on sales associates or others for guidance anymore.

Shopping has become so much fun and exciting, all thanks to the search engine that truly understands the wide range of styles in our minds. I am thrilled to share this experience with fashion enthusiasts all around the world.

There are many unexplored parts of yourself just waiting to be discovered. Sometimes, trying on a unique piece of clothing can reveal a whole new side of you. Whenever you embrace fashion and expand your horizons, Yoit wishes to share that very moment with you.

Jane Lee

Founder & CEO
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